Thursday, April 21, 2011

View From the Top

   A hot up-and-coming trend in documenting your wedding day, is aerial photography. Yes, you read that right, AERIAL. That means, somebody will actually take off in a plane and fly over your ceremony and/or reception and take photos from above!
     Naturally, this new art form would work best for outdoor weddings and in ideal weather conditions, but for those of us who prefer to stay indoors, it could still work. Area Southeastern Photography is the only place around, we know of, who can make this dream come true for you. Imagine coming out of your reception to a sea of sparklers and friends and family and seeing that picture from ABOVE!?! Over the years, development changes, so wouldn't it be cool to remember EXACTLY how the church you got married in or the venue where your big day took place looked like from the sky? They would be the perfect opening photographs to your wedding album. Plus, you'd probably be the first of your friends and family to experience aerial photography at its finest!

     If your wedding was taking place on the beach above, wouldn't you want a bird's eye view? This is just a small example of what the guys at Area Southeastern Photography can provide and they're pretty reasonable! Just mention 31:10 Events and you may even get the "hook up!" :)

Visit their website:

for more information, and maybe you'll be the next bride with a view from the top!

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