Monday, June 27, 2011

Save the Dress!

     I know it's really "HOT" right now to do the whole trash the dress thing, but just call me old fashioned and conservative. I want to remember that perfect piece of fabric and sparkle just like it was on my wedding day, for the rest of my life!
     I hate to admit this, but I'm ADDICTED to ALL the "Real Housewives" shows. You name it, New Jersey, New York, Orange County, Atlanta...if it's on, I'm either watching or DVRing. Recently, I was watching an episode of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," and in the background of one of the ladies' homes is what looked like a giant wedding dress encased in glass and on display like the family room was actually an exhibit in a museum. It was beautiful, perfect, and most importantly, forever! Then, jealousy instantly kicked in. My wedding dress is hanging in the plastic garment bag on the inside of our spare room's closet, and has STILL never been cleaned...and it's almost two and a half years later!

     So I got curious and did a little web surfing. There are some VERY swanky companies in New York City that will treat your gown like a celebrity, but who can really get up to NYC? But there are more affordable options as well. You're looking at anywhere between $200 and $1,000 to contact one of these companies, and have them send you complete instructions and a box to load your valuables in. You basically send whatever you want preserved (dress, veil, garter, etc.) to their headquarters, where they'll steam and repair anything for you and then box it up nice and pretty for your display and enjoyment. There are a couple of concerns, however. Like what if you mail your dress off and never get it back? I'm also not a HUGE fan of the boxes they encase them in. A fancy glass case seems a lot more professional than a cardboard box with pink trim or a company's brand name plastered all across the top, but what's the alternative? A garment bag in the back bedroom? Paying thousands of dollars to get it done the NYC or LA way? I'm thinking I already know what I'm going to ask the hubby for for Christmas, and would say it's definitely worth considering! Just check out a couple of the links below:

Please feel free to share any experiences you may have had with dress preservation, or any alternatives!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

View From the Top

   A hot up-and-coming trend in documenting your wedding day, is aerial photography. Yes, you read that right, AERIAL. That means, somebody will actually take off in a plane and fly over your ceremony and/or reception and take photos from above!
     Naturally, this new art form would work best for outdoor weddings and in ideal weather conditions, but for those of us who prefer to stay indoors, it could still work. Area Southeastern Photography is the only place around, we know of, who can make this dream come true for you. Imagine coming out of your reception to a sea of sparklers and friends and family and seeing that picture from ABOVE!?! Over the years, development changes, so wouldn't it be cool to remember EXACTLY how the church you got married in or the venue where your big day took place looked like from the sky? They would be the perfect opening photographs to your wedding album. Plus, you'd probably be the first of your friends and family to experience aerial photography at its finest!

     If your wedding was taking place on the beach above, wouldn't you want a bird's eye view? This is just a small example of what the guys at Area Southeastern Photography can provide and they're pretty reasonable! Just mention 31:10 Events and you may even get the "hook up!" :)

Visit their website:

for more information, and maybe you'll be the next bride with a view from the top!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Who is this Amy Jenkins?

Trying to find the perfect photographer to capture your day is one of the most important things when planning your wedding!  Sometimes, you may want to look at your budget and cut costs in order to get a photographer that you won’t regret.  As you are already aware... its the only thing you really get to keep from your special day.  Make sure you find a photographer that understands what you are looking for and the type of pictures that YOU like... one of my favorite photographers, in Hampton, for a good price is Amy Jenkins Photography.  She will travel anywhere in the Hampton Roads area and she always brings her best!  
Amy is the mother of two handsome little boys and has a passion for photography.  Amy does not look at photographing weddings as her job, but as an opportunity to share in the brides special day.  She started small, working out of her home and has now worked her way up to having her own studio.  She does a fabulous job at engagement photos as well as the day of wedding photos.  She really does a phenomenal job at standing back so that she is not noticed and documenting the day as it unfolds.  She truly tells the story of the couple and leaves her clients happy when they get their cd with the images.   Many of Amy's brides are so happy that they continue to use Amy as they add to their families.  Check out the pictures below and book her now!    

See... I told you she was great! Book her today... Amy Jenkins Photography

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake!

     I don't know about you, but ONE of our MOST favorite things about planning or attending a wedding is the CAKE! With so many flavors of cake and fillings to choose from, followed by the pressure of designing and creating an appealing masterpiece to please your guests...for some, finding the perfect cake can be a bit overwhelming. Good news! We have a recommendation that will make your decision making a little bit easier. Two words, CAKE DELIGHTS.

     Cake Delights is a Virginia Beach gem owned and operated by Jessica Steadman. Not only did they earn Wedding Wire's "Bride's Choice Award," but they were also named a "2011 Pick" by! Cake Delights offers a wide array of tasty flavors that range from the classic and ever popular Vanilla and Almond pound, to more sophisticated flavors like Cosmopolitan (yes, just like the drink!) and Key Lime! Our personal favorites are Fresh Strawberry and Lemon-Vanilla. :) Between the layers of moist cake, you may choose from a couple different flavors of buttercream (oh so yummy!), fruit fillings, peanut butter or caramel! Are you hungry for cake yet??

    Not only is Jessica a skilled baker, but when it comes to cake design, she is out-of-the-box imaginative! She can work with buttercream, fondant, gum paste, and pretty much anything your little heart desires when it comes down to the overall structure of your cake. If you have a vision, Cake Delights can pretty much take your idea and bring it to edible life! From quirky to classy and everything in between, we think she could take "The Cake Boss" on in a head to head cake battle! Are you ready for the "icing on the cake?" Cake Delights offers some of the best prices around the Hampton Roads baking market. Don't believe us? Check them out for yourself:

     Bon Appetit! :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Boring Bridesmaid Gifts... Not Anymore!

Martha Stewart says some of the best bridesmaid gifts are the following: a recipe box ,silk-flower hair bands,barrettes, and decoupage boxes.  So let me guess... you don’t think Martha Stewart’s idea of a great bridesmaid gift really “fits” the girls you have chosen to be in your wedding?  I don’t know about the girls I choose to be in mine but those sure don't fit me.  Figuring out how to express your love and appreciation to your bridesmaids and not break the bank, that has already been broken, is always an interesting task.  You don’t want to insult them with a cheesy gift when you are well aware of how much the dress is that they will be wearing on your special day because you picked it out and requested they purchase it.  Is there anything wrong with that?  Not at all, but finding the perfect gift to say "thank you" is very important. 

So here are some of our ideas that might at least help inspire you!

For the reader who lends out her books:  How about a personalized Stamp?  Maybe something that says, this book belongs to _________.

For the wine enthusiast: How about a wine tasting at her home... check out this website for more details (click here) or a personalized wine woozie for the white wine drinker.

For the “Go green girl”: How about a personalized re-usable shopping bag?

For the entertainer:  Corn Hole Boards are all the rage or maybe an indoor game from target for her to entertain with when she has you and your new husband over after the wedding.

For the sensitive friend: A Christmas Ornament that would represent your friendship.  Maybe you met at a college, so your school's logo would be fantastic. Perhaps you like to go putt-putt golfing together so a putter would be a good idea.  Personalize it so that every year when she is putting up her Christmas treememories of your friendship come back to her.

For the night before the wedding:  If you are having all of your girls stay at a hotel to really get the most of your time with them before you become a wife, what about P.J.s?  You could get them all pajamas with their initials on them.  Cute for them and cute for your pictures!

Be on the lookout for a blog about groomsmen gifts as well!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Be the First... to have YOUR wedding in Smithfield!

Like any bride, I remember when I was getting married. More than anything, I wanted to
choose a location where none of my friends or family had gotten married.
I wanted something different that people would remember. I bet that’s what you or
maybe a bride that you know has been thinking as well. If your three words to describe
your wedding are anything like elegant, romantic, and warm... how about Smithfield,

When you drive into the downtown historic district of Smithfield, it’s like driving onto the
set of a romantic movie. The streets are stone and lined with local restaurants and
shops. There’s even an ice cream parlor! It’s a perfectly homey location for any bride who not
only wants a beautiful wedding but also a beautiful backdrop. I can just see the pictures
of the bride and groom holding hands while walking down the streets of the town!
I can also imagine a romantic or charming ceremony at the historic St. Lukeʼs Church,

or maybe an outdoor location 

with an unforgettable reception to follow at The Smithfield Center.

Perhaps your wedding or reception could take place under a tent in the courtyard at the Old Courthouse of 1750.

Smithfield offers quant bed and breakfasts, a brand new Hampton Inn & Suites, or the local waterfront,
Smithfield Station, which could also serve as an incredible place for your rehearsal dinner.

So as you can see, your wedding could be all wrapped up in the historic, ravishing town
of SMITHFIELD, creating an experience your guests will be talking about and remembering their entire

Friday, February 25, 2011

Ready For Business??

     Could your business be the next we feature on our blog? We'd be honored to write about you if you work in the wedding industry in Hampton Roads and would like an EXTRA plug! Please email us at to find out how.

Kate & Jen