Friday, March 4, 2011

Boring Bridesmaid Gifts... Not Anymore!

Martha Stewart says some of the best bridesmaid gifts are the following: a recipe box ,silk-flower hair bands,barrettes, and decoupage boxes.  So let me guess... you don’t think Martha Stewart’s idea of a great bridesmaid gift really “fits” the girls you have chosen to be in your wedding?  I don’t know about the girls I choose to be in mine but those sure don't fit me.  Figuring out how to express your love and appreciation to your bridesmaids and not break the bank, that has already been broken, is always an interesting task.  You don’t want to insult them with a cheesy gift when you are well aware of how much the dress is that they will be wearing on your special day because you picked it out and requested they purchase it.  Is there anything wrong with that?  Not at all, but finding the perfect gift to say "thank you" is very important. 

So here are some of our ideas that might at least help inspire you!

For the reader who lends out her books:  How about a personalized Stamp?  Maybe something that says, this book belongs to _________.

For the wine enthusiast: How about a wine tasting at her home... check out this website for more details (click here) or a personalized wine woozie for the white wine drinker.

For the “Go green girl”: How about a personalized re-usable shopping bag?

For the entertainer:  Corn Hole Boards are all the rage or maybe an indoor game from target for her to entertain with when she has you and your new husband over after the wedding.

For the sensitive friend: A Christmas Ornament that would represent your friendship.  Maybe you met at a college, so your school's logo would be fantastic. Perhaps you like to go putt-putt golfing together so a putter would be a good idea.  Personalize it so that every year when she is putting up her Christmas treememories of your friendship come back to her.

For the night before the wedding:  If you are having all of your girls stay at a hotel to really get the most of your time with them before you become a wife, what about P.J.s?  You could get them all pajamas with their initials on them.  Cute for them and cute for your pictures!

Be on the lookout for a blog about groomsmen gifts as well!

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