Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Be the First... to have YOUR wedding in Smithfield!

Like any bride, I remember when I was getting married. More than anything, I wanted to
choose a location where none of my friends or family had gotten married.
I wanted something different that people would remember. I bet that’s what you or
maybe a bride that you know has been thinking as well. If your three words to describe
your wedding are anything like elegant, romantic, and warm... how about Smithfield,

When you drive into the downtown historic district of Smithfield, it’s like driving onto the
set of a romantic movie. The streets are stone and lined with local restaurants and
shops. There’s even an ice cream parlor! It’s a perfectly homey location for any bride who not
only wants a beautiful wedding but also a beautiful backdrop. I can just see the pictures
of the bride and groom holding hands while walking down the streets of the town!
I can also imagine a romantic or charming ceremony at the historic St. Lukeʼs Church,

or maybe an outdoor location 

with an unforgettable reception to follow at The Smithfield Center.

Perhaps your wedding or reception could take place under a tent in the courtyard at the Old Courthouse of 1750.

Smithfield offers quant bed and breakfasts, a brand new Hampton Inn & Suites, or the local waterfront,
Smithfield Station, which could also serve as an incredible place for your rehearsal dinner.

So as you can see, your wedding could be all wrapped up in the historic, ravishing town
of SMITHFIELD, creating an experience your guests will be talking about and remembering their entire


  1. Jessica, my oldest daughter was married in Smithfield. She and her new husband rode from the church to the reception in a horse drawn carriage. The ride through town is some of their fondest memories of their wedding and the pictures in the carriage are great!
    I would definitely would plan a wedding in Smithfield, lots a great places to take pictures.

  2. Great job painting how beautiful Smithfield is!

  3. I heart Smithfield. David worked at Smithfield Foods for over 13 years. We had many a lunch date at the bakery. It is a beautiful place.